The jardiniere on the right has a broken cone at the topmost point.

Water damage has caused a portion of the gold molding to be lost.

A white plastic casting of the molding has been glued in place.

After restoration and patination; a matching pair.

Terracotta jardinieres are cleaned and patinated

Restoration in New York

The Lobby Ceiling of 36 Plaza Street East, Brooklyn lost a piece of molding to water damage. A previous repair by another company, with plaster, had proven unsuccessful. Removing the damaged plaster down to the wire mesh revealed a pipe coated with condensation. Seeing this, I decided to repair with plastic. A mold was taken of the molding, and an epoxy casting was made. The epoxy was glued in place and painted to match the existing decor.

The remaining white plaster has been removed down to the wire mesh.

A recurring problem gets a permanent repair

The casting has been painted to match the existing molding.

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